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Practitioner Department

General practitioners (GP) are doctors who are trained to diagnose and treat a variety of medical conditions. Their role includes performing routine physical examinations, diagnosing and treating illnesses and injuries, and managing immunizations. General practitioners are an important part of the medical team and are usually your first point of contact for any health issues. They serve a vital part of giving appropriate specialist referral for serious medical conditions and work with you during your recovery period.

General practitioners provide medical care to people of all age groups. It is beneficial to develop a long-term relationship with a general practitioner so that he becomes familiar with your medical history and can efficiently manage your basic overall health. General Physicians are recognized as experts in diagnosis, prevention and treating acute & chronic diseases. They handle a broad range of illnesses that affect adults. Their services are not constrained to one kind of medical problem or organ system.

General practitioners bring to patients an understanding of wellness, disease prevention and the promotion of health, as well as effective treatment of common health problems.

The role of general practitioners have increased tremendously in diagnosing chronic diseases. Interactive sessions with the patients regarding their health condition and other symptoms are helpful in recommending tests. General practitioners play a key role in increasing the participation rate in Colon cancer screening programs. GPs have usual screening approach because of the existence of the accredited colonoscopy training in family medicine programs.

It is important to have a doctor who listens carefully to your concerns, explains things clearly and fully and anticipates your health problems. The doctor also should allow you to ask questions and should provide answers that you can understand.

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