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Otolaryngology Department

ENT or Otorhinolaryngology is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of ailments in the ears, nose and throat region.

We provide care for patients of all ages with ear, nose and throat issues. From correcting snoring during sleep to other surgeries, we make amend for all the disorders in the ENT department. We promise to provide treatments in an uncompromising manner. The sense of smell, hearing and the power of speech is important for any human to have a good wellbeing, we promise to make your lives better.

The highest quality of ENT services are provided by a state of the art Heart Beat clinic in following areas:

  • ENT examination using the most recent tools such as endoscope, microscopes and digital cameras
  • Surgical procedures using the most advanced technology such as laser or radio frequency machines
  • Endoscopic (either fibro optic or rigid) diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for the nose and paranasal sinuses or the larynx or the pharynx or the esophagus.
  • Cosmetic/microscopic/Endoscopic ear surgeries without the need for external wounds
  • Cosmetic nasal surgery and paranasal sinuses surgeries( either external or endoscopic)
  • Excision of ear, nose and throat tumors (either benign or malignant)+ laser machine
  • Excision of head and neck tumors (either benign or malignant) as lymph nodes, salivary glands or thyroid masses
  • Surgery for treatment of snoring during sleep+ laser or radiofrequency machines

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