Heart Beat Medical Center & One Day Surgery

Dr. Monthir Al-Nashi

Consultant in Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery

He is an expert in providing advice on all aspects of injuries and elective orthopaedic surgery.

Having worked in the United Kingdom for over 32 years, he has a wealth of knowledge in his field, with over 28 research publications published internationally. In 1996, one of his publications (Mortins Neuroma) was chosen by the Foot & Ankle American Academy as one of the top 10 published papers in the world.

Specialties include:

    • Sprain and Injuries of the upper and lower limbs including sport injuries.
    • Back and neck pain Management
    • PRP and lubricant injection for joints, ligaments and tendons.
    • Ultrasound Guided injections of the joints and tendons
    • Management of arthritic joints and osteoporosis
    • Knee and Hip replacement surgeries.
    • Arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder and knee joints
    • Elective upper and lower limb surgeries in particular hand, wrist, elbow, foot and ankle surgeries