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MD. Swedish Board of Urology MBCHB


  1. DHARI has long years of experience, more than 35 years in his field, diagnosis, treatment, teaching for undergraduate medical students & postgraduate, supervisor for the Iraqi & Arab board urology residency program as a senior consultant & head of the urology department in an al-Yarmouk teaching hospital, Baghdad


I have experience more than 35 years of in all urogenital diseases, diagnosis, treatment & procedures; most common:

  • ESWL: Shock waves fragmentation of all urinary stones in kidneys, ureter, and bladder.
  • Endourology for treatment of stones by pneumatic or laser lithotripsy.
  • Management of acute renal colic & renal pain due to stones or infections
  • Management of Testicular diseases & tumors.
  • Management of Erectile dysfunction.
  • Management of Male infertility.
  • Management of Sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Management of urinary tract infections in acute & chronic cases.
  • Management of Urinary incontinence in both males & females.
  • Management of prostatic diseases & enlargements.
  • Management of congenital abnormalities in genital organs in children.
  • Management of Nocturnal enuresis in children.
  • Circumcision for children & adults.