Pediatric Department (Open)

Pediatric Department

Our mission is aimed at providing quality health care to our pediatric patients by giving necessary education and services according to their need from birth through the various stages of adolescence.

Our services

Well child checkups and immunizations

Periodic well visits are needed to monitor growth and development of your child. And this also serves as an evaluation of detecting any physical problems or as a discussion of anticipatory guidance needed for your child’s age. These checkups allow time for vaccinations appropriate at the time.

Same day sick visits

Sick or emergency visits can be made as situation arises, we provide ample time in our schedule to accommodate such emergencies. If such visits are of serious nature, contact our receptionist so we can make necessary preparations.

Specialty care

Below are just some of the pediatric medical services our practice provides

  • All acute and chronic upper and lower respiratory tract diseases
  • Allergies and Asthma management
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Failure to thrive
  • Feedings difficulties
  • Urinary tract infections and enuresis
  • Urinary tract infections and enuresis

We offer an up-to-date vaccination program

The pediatric department at Heart Beat Medical Center & One Day Surgery Llc has a friendly and attractice face that kids would love and feel comfortable in. We are well equipped to give proper health care to all our pediatric patients.

We care for people who are from multi cultural origins and we serve them with utmost care and benevolence. Our qualified medical department provide timely medical care and advice. We are always happy to educate and clear your queries.

Our efficient personnel is complemented with well-equipped and professional Laboratory and Radiology departments as well as other specialty clinics.