Dr. Nancy Dakdouk

Dr. Nancy Dakdouk

Clinical Dietitian / Nutritionist

DEPARTMENT:Nutrition & Food Services




    Dr. Nancy is a Syrian-based 9 Years’ Experience in the dietetics field, worked in several private clinics and medical centers.


  • Comparison of the nutritional status of an elderly grouping in nursing homes with a group of free- living elderly in Damascus.June-2011.
  • Obesity and overweight: prevalence and risk factors in school aged children in Damascus, May 2008


  • M.S Human Nutrition and Dietetics-University of Jordan.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Food Science-University in Kalamoon.
  • Population scale consultancies on nutrition and one-on-one counseling services.
  • Information about nutrition and healthy eating.
  • Special therapeutic diet plan for different chronic disease; diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, heart disease and celiac disease.
  • Special and individualized diet plans to treat obesity and underweight.
  • Nutrition information and special diet plans for pregnancy and lactation.
  • Nutrition information and special diet plans for digestive disease.
  • Information about nutrition and healthy eating for kids.
  • Advanced body composition analyzer.


  • Nutritional well balanced programs for all age groups including children, adolescents, elderly, pregnant and lactating women.